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Supervisor Glenn Frederick resigns 9/11/23

As of 9/11/23, the Board of Supervisors received a Letter of Resignation from Supervisor Glenn Frederick. Glenn is resigning from his position as Township Supervisor after 32 years of service as Supervisor and 18 years of service as a Planning Commission member. The Board of Supervisors accepted Glenns resignation following the reading of the letter at their meeting on 9/11/23.

As stated in the Municipalities Planning Code (MPC) the Supervisors have 30 days to appoint a replacement for Glenn Frederick’s position as Supervisor. They will be looking for someone who has made an effort to attend and participate in meetings and/or someone who has participated as a board/commission/committee/task force member.

The appointment will be made by the Board of Supervisors at their meeting on Monday 10/9/23.

Any interested applicants who would like to apply should submit a letter of intent to by Monday 10/2/23. The Board of Supervisors will interview all applicants prior to the 10/9/23 appointment.

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