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Permit Applications can be downloaded below or picked up at the Township Office.

Office hours are limited and by appointment only, therefore paper copies of permit applications have been left in the white mailbox located directly next to the Township Office door. Please do not confuse this with the white library box located near the Town Hall.


You may drop off your completed application back in the white mailbox or there is also a larger tan package box for your use if needed, also located directly next to the Township Office door.

You must review your form(s) for completeness and include the review fee (review fees are listed on fee schedule, if not listed then the fee is $80) that is required of all Building Permit Applications. Applications with missing line-items, additional required forms and/or payment will not be reviewed.

  • Fee Schedule: Payments are required at the time of application, permit approval and at the time of c/o (certificate of occupancy). A Contractor License and Proof of Insurance is required for all Contractors and Sub-Contractors working within the Township. If you have a PA Contractor License, a PA State License number will need to be provided for each permit along with proof of insurance.

  • Building Permit: Building Permits are required for new homes and additions and the replacement of the principal and accessory structure(s). Including work on decks, sheds, garages, barns, patios, carports, hot tubs and pools - in and above ground. This permit is also required for electrical work, demolition, fireplace and chimneys, HVAC, generators, roof and ground solar installs and interior renovations

    • Building Inspector: John Coldiron / (610) 587 9950

  • Zoning Permit: Zoning permits are required with most building permits and also with fences, signs and patios.

  • Paving, Site Investigation and Special Event Permits: A Special Event Permit is required for any special event with an expected attendance of 50 or more individuals as a group at any given time on a private property. Religious activities conducted on private property do not require a permit if the expected attendance is less than 100 persons with a duration of less than three hours. Yard sales with an expected attendance of 50 people or less at any given time do not require a permit.

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