township Staff


Nette Stejskal


Joe Ferguson


Carolyn Matalon

Road Crew

Adam Brady

Ryan Mullin

Tom Brown

Assistant Secretary
& Notary Public

Alexandria Cowan

Board of Supervisors

Glenn Frederick, Chair

Brian Sachs, Vice Chair

Aileen Parrish, Member

boards & commissions

please note: some names/appointments may change through the year however this page is updated annually, each January after Reorganization

Board of Auditors

Shelley Sanders

Denis Kilroy

Brian Smith

Township Engineer

Ronald Ragan

Tax Collector

Janie Schnelle

Building Inspector

John Coldiron, Municipal Services Inc.

Township Attorney

Tom Oeste, Buckley Brian McGuire & Morris LLP

Alternate: Fronefield Crawford, Crawford Wilson Ryan & Agulnick

Township Planner

Brandywine Conservancy, Natural Lands Trust

Township Auditor



Joe Fanning

Water Resource Engineer

Joe Boldaz, Hydraterra Professionals

Library Board

Allison Thomas

Emergency Management

Chuck Freese

Recycling Coordinator

Gail Bobbish

Landscape Consultant

Ellen Tracey, Design Etc.

Parks and Recreation

Judy Emory

Gary Shroeder

Bill Hutchings

Bill Maslanka

Newsletter Editor

Carolyn Matalon

AG Security Area

Farmers: Jimmy Hill, Chris Wetham, Don Morgan

Resident: Stephanie Town

Supervisor: Aileen Parrish


Alexandria Cowan

UCC / Property
Maintenance Code

Joe McNelis, Bruce Yost, Les Town, Bill Maslanka

Attorney: Stacy Fuller

Historical Commission

Jim Martin, Chair

Martin Wells, Jayasheree Gokhae, Monica Quann, Susan Moon, Eric Baker, John Starzmann, Aileen Parrish, Jerry Darke

Vacancy Board

Don Allen

Open Space and Trails

Fred Nelson, Chuck Carroll, Carl Kriebel, John Bacino, Ralph Donofrio, Bill Maslanka, Sally Cheyne, Bob Cox, Bill Hutchings, Glenn Frederick, Stephanie Town

Planning Commission

Leslie Town, Chair

Stephanie Town, Secretary

Members: Bill Maslanka, Joe McNelis, Don Morgan

Zoning Hearing Board

John Steichen, Chair

Ellis Schmidt, Vice Chair

Theresa Swift, Member

Alternates: Edgar Kaufman, Andrew Danucalov

Attorney: Stacy Fuller, Gawthrop Greenwood PC

Land Trust

Susan Moon, Martin Wells, Mary Ellen Taylor, Joan Fenza, April Schmidt, Aileen Parrish, Joe McNelis, Wilhemina Austin, Sally Cheyne, Betsy Kerlin