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The Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors at their meeting held on 11/25/19.

The Comprehensive Plan presentation was held on 9/24/19. There were approximately 46 attendees. Click on the buttons  below to review the Comprehensive Plan 2019 Update. If you have any comments please email the Township office. Thank you.




London Britain Township (LBT) is updating its 2008 Comprehensive Plan* and invites you to hear details of, and provide commentary for, the current Draft Plan.  At 7PM Tuesday, September 24 at the LBT Meeting Hall, the LBT Planning Commission is hosting, and the Brandywine Conservancy (our primary Plan development partner) is presenting, key points in the current Draft Plan.  Come hear how the Community Visioning Session held in June 2018 and the Community Planning Survey influenced and shaped the new Comprehensive Plan.

If you are not able to attend this public presentation, the Draft Comprehensive Plan will be available for public review at the Township Office and on the Township website beginning October 1.  At the bi-monthly meeting of LBT's Board of Supervisors held at the meeting hall on Monday, November 25, 7PM, a public hearing will be held regarding Plan adoption.

LBT welcomes constructive input to make the Draft Plan even better and we hope you can participate!

*A Comprehensive Plan guides development and preservation of a 10+ year time span.  It establishes implementation recommendations for Zoning and Development, Natural and Recreational resources, Open Space and Land Preservation, Scenic and Historic Resources, Transportation, and Community Facilities and Services.


over the last few weeks, multiple times, there has been reports of theft from vehicles. The thieves smash the windows and steal what they can from the vehicles. There have been many reports of this with the last report received on 7/16. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE ANYTHING IN THE VEHICLES WHEN PARKED AT ANY OF THE WHITE CLAY CREEK PRESERVE PARKING LOTS.


Nichol Park car break ins

Please be aware there have been thefts from vehicles at Nichol Park.  Some of the vehicles were locked and access was gained by breaking windows. Please be cautious and do not leave valuables in your vehicle when parked at Nichol Park.

The Township is discussing moving the Porta Potties from their present location so that all cars are visible to the users of the park. 

**3/25/19 The Board of Supervisors approved moving the NP porta potties to a different location at the park. This should provide an unobstructed view of the parking lot and help reduce the risk of theft from vehicles at the park **


Tune to AM 1670 or click  on the Misc. Info Heading at the Top of the Home page for a direct link to AGREM AM 1670 for 24/7 Emergency  & Community Information.



A Township Representative on the Avon Grove Library Board of Trustees position is OPEN and the Board of Supervisors is looking for Volunteers. Please contact the Township office if you are interested in the position via email @

I'Dead Deer Removal from Roads

Game Commission General Numbers

Twp Rd 610-926-1966

State Rd 484-340-3200

Tom Marsh who removes the deer for the PA Game Commission in Chester Cty

cell- text or call 484-571-2092

DID you know......

The PA State Police will come and check on your home if you are away.. Call the non-emergency Avondale State Police Phone number 610-268-2022 and tell them your address and dates you will be away. They will do a safety check on your property. 

Contractors- Please be aware that if you hire a contractor they should be insured. Ask for a copy of the insurance Certificate with the Township listed as a Certificate holder.  The Avondale State Police have advised the Township of possible theft by Contractors in the Township. 

2019 Board of Supervisors

The 1st meeting of the month will be held on the 2nd Monday of February-December and the 1st Monday of January. The 2nd meeting of the month will be held on the 4th Monday of January--April; June through November and the 3rd Monday of  May and December at 7:00 pm.

Planning Commission

As needed- Tuesdays following the Board of Supervisors meeting at 7:00 pm***

 Zoning Hearing Board

As needed

 Parks and Recreation Advisory Board

As needed

 Historical Commission

As needed


Township Volunteers are always needed. Please submit the  Volunteer Form to the Township office.

Do NOT leave trash receptacles on the Township roadway or in the cul-de-sac roadway. Please be sure to leave trash receptacles on your property and not on the road.

The road crew is having a hard time plowing/salting on roads where this is habitually occurring. Your road will not be plowed/salted if your trash receptacle is on the road.

The road crew thanks your for your assistance.


London Britain Township placed warning signs and/or cones on various road locations during the last storm event. The Township has grave concerns about warning signs/cones being stolen and/or moved from roads throughout the Township. Please do not move the signs or cones they are there for a safety reason.

When trees are down, the road crew can in most cases immediately remove the tree from the road. When the tree is down on electrical wires the road crew must wait for PECO to address the wires prior to tree removal. So if you see a road sign placed for a significant amount of time... in most cases live electrical wires are present on the road as well. The downed trees on Township closed roads over the last 4 days ALL had live electrical wires present.

PECO and then the Township road crew have addressed all roads and ALL Township roads are open as of 8:00 am today.

                                                                                                           WHEN IN DOUBT, THROW IT OUT!
Please, please throw it out! That may not be the message you want to hear near Earth Day, but the truth is “too zealous recyclers have contaminated the recyclables with trash.” They are ruining the ability to market the material nationwide. Chester County residents are great recyclers, but shouldn’t be tempted to be too passionate putting items in the bin that do not belong and “trashing” the recyclables. Properly prepared and collected recyclables are valued commodities sold on a global market. When too many non-recyclables (trash) are mixed in with the recyclables it all becomes “trash”, is too costly to separate and requires disposal at a landfill. Meanwhile too much money has been spent on collection, transportation and processing material that wasn’t worth collecting in the first place.
Scrap metal, hangers, pieces of rope or hose, pieces of wood, yard waste and children’s toys are just a few of the items that “contaminate” the recyclables. Scrap metal may be taken to a scrap dealer, yard waste should be composted and reusable children’s toys may be donated or thrown away if broken. Do not put them in the recycling bins.
Plastic bags present another problem. Recyclables should never be put in plastic bags. Plastic bags are not recyclable in curbside programs. They jam the source separating equipment at recycling facilities. Plastic shopping bags can be returned to your local grocery store and plastic trash bags should be used for trash only not recyclables.
Most curbside programs in Chester County collect mixed paper, flattened corrugated cardboard cut down to 18” x 24”, glass bottles and jars, steel and aluminum cans, plastic bottles and containers #1-5 plus 7. Our programs also collect clean aluminum foil and pie tins and empty steel aerosol cans. No Styrofoam, polystyrene, foam. Everything else should be thrown away and that’s okay. Remember only plastic containers and bottles with recycling symbols can be recycled. If there is no recycling symbol, throw it out. Most recyclables will come from the
kitchen or in the mail as paper or corrugated cardboard. If you really want to do something positive for the planet, do it right. If in doubt, throw it out!
Still unsure or want to know more? Contact your hauler, municipal recycling coordinator or visit for more information.


Single Stream Recycling is Available 24 hrs @ the Franklin Twp Building located on Appleton Rd. Click on the Definition of Single Stream Recyling. It has come to the Townships attention that residents have been abusing the rules for Recycling at the Franklin Township recycling center, please abide by the Recyling Rules.

The Website will updated on an as needed basis. Communication between the Township and the residents is important so we are hopeful you will find this website useful.

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If you are a person with a disability and wish to attend a scheduled public hearing/meeting and require an auxiliary aide service or other accommodation to participate in the proceedings please contact the Township office to discuss how the Township can best accommodate you.