1. There is 41.96 miles of road in the Township. 39.35/Twp & 2.61/State

  2. No parking is allowed on the Township roadways.

  3. The Township receives an annual allocation of Liquid Fuels Tax funds from the Commonwealths Motor License Fund which is based on mileage and population. The funds are to be used only on the Township roads.

  4. The Board of Supervisors approved the road crew to not plow/salt in areas where there are cars parked in the cul de sac and on the roadway.

  5. All trees must be trimmed 3 feet back from the road, up to 15 feet high to ensure the safety of those traveling on the roads. Grass, rocks, bushes and other landscaping shall be trimmed at least 3 feet away from the road to ensure good sightlines, especially at intersections.

  6. Please drive the posted speeds on all Township roads.

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