Visit:  Chester  County Department of Emergency Services

Major Emergency Response Route and Shelter Information Pamphlet is available at the Township Hall located at 81 Good Hope Rd., Landenberg PA

Pennsylvania State Police Public Safety

Emergency Management Response Team (EMRT):
Phone: 610-255-0388

Emergency Management Coordinator- Chuck Freese 
Phone: 610-869-3307
Fax: 610-869-3422

Police Department:
Avondale State Police
Address: 2 Moxley Lane, Avondale, PA 19311
Phone: 610-268-2022    Emergency Dial: 911

Fire Departments:
Avondale Fire Company
Address: Po Box 492, Avondale, PA 19311
Phone: 610-268-2486    Emergency Dial: 911

West Grove Fire Company (Station 12)
Address: 1 Firehouse Lane, New London, PA 19360
Phone: 610-869-9322     Emergency Dial: 911

Mass Care Shelter and POD site- 3 closest to London Britain Township 
(POD- A location where a large # of people receive medication or
vaccination due to a natural disease or bioterrorist attack) 

1. Avon Grove High School
257 State Rd, West Grove PA

Fred S. Engle Middle School
107 School House Rd, West Grove PA 

2. Kennett Middle School
295 Sunnydell Rd, Landenberg PA 

3. Oxford Area High School
705 Waterway Rd, Landenberg PA

Penns Grove Middle School
301 S. 5th St, Oxford PA - up to date severe weather and related events information - PennDot program in which emergency contact information is stored in the car glove box with a yellow dot placed on the vehicles rear window. First responders would be alerted to check the glove box. - PennDot program which offers PA drivers license and Penndot issued ID holders the opportunity to log into a secure database and list 2 emergency contacts which can only be viewed by law enforcement officials to find emergency contact information. - Get local alerts about emergencies, severe weather, and road closures via email or cell. 

Debris & Trash Burning Tips (PDF)

Emergency Preparedness Brochure (PDF) 

Prepare For A Fire Tips (PDF) 


Smart 911

Did you know Smart911 is a free service available to keep you and your family safer?  Provided by Chester County Department of Emergency Services, Smart911 lets you create a private and secure safety profile for your family, including any information you want 9-1-1 to have during an emergency.  You can include details such as a list of family members, photos, medical notes, pets, and emergency contacts.  In an emergency seconds can save lives. Take a few seconds now to plan ahead at

PA State Police will accept unwanted, expired and unused prescriptions at their drop off box located inside the Avondale State Police station at 2 Moxley Lane, Avondale PA 19311. No personal information is needed to drop off.

The Avondale PA State Police employ the use of Zone coverage to help deliver efficient distribution of services throughout the patrol areas. Zone coverage means that a Patrol officer is in our Zone area at all times which increases the level of police services and decreases response times.

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