Mason Dixon Greenway


Made up of 18 acres - Nichol Park features an asphalt walking trail and stone dust running trail, 60' ball field, large multi-purpose field, a playground put together by community volunteers and a lovely picnic pavilion.

Our picnic pavilion cannot be rented - its use is based on first come/first serve.

The multi-purpose field must be reserved for sports team use - call our office to schedule today!


Nichol Park has a carry in - carry out trash policy. This includes ALL trash. Trash receptacles are no longer provided at the facility.

Benefits to this policy:

  • Eliminates potential for littering

  • Eliminates bees that tend to gather around trash bins

  • Saves time and money on waste collection

Please help us keep our park clean and beautiful!

Check out the following park additions completed by a few members of our community youth as Eagle Scout Projects:

  • Exercise Stations

  • Handicap Bench Areas

  • Mason Dixon Trail Access

  • Wildflower Field


This Greenway is intended primarily to be a one-mile wildlife and biodiversity corridor which connects to the Fairhill Natural Resource Area in Maryland.


Part of the Greenway effort involved the reforestation of an existing field area which included the planting of native grasses. In 2010, 437 native specimen trees and 42 shrubs were planted.

These efforts will allow Township residents to enjoy the natural resources of the area through the careful evaluation and integration of recreational facilities, including walking and horseback-riding trails, an interpretive garden and educational signage.


There is a parking area located on Flint Hill Road and there is a hard surface trail leading from the parking lot south towards the forest. 


Once entering the woods, the handicapped accessible loop trail will split to the left and feature an overlook of the creek, benches and two picnic tables. Once entering the woods the trail will connect to other existing trails through the area. 

Funded in part through the DCNR Keystone Recreation, Park and Conservation Fund Grant Program, Mason-Dixon Greenway South is the first phase of an envisioned three-mile Mason-Dixon Greenway which will eventually connect to the White Clay Creek Preserve area in the northeastern portion of the Township.


The National Water Information System (NWIS) web application provides access to real-time and historical surface-water, groundwater, water-quality, and water-use data collected at approximately 1.5 million sites across all 50 states.

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