Nichol Park is an 18 acre Park located on Rte 896 in London Britain Township. Some of the features of the Park are the asphalt walking/running trail and the stone dust jogging trail. There is a 60’ baseline ball field and a multi-purpose soccer/football field. A playground put together by volunteers is located in the park. The playground is geared toured the younger children. 
The Pavilion cannot be reserved. Its use is on a first come/first served basis. The Sports fields can be reserved by contacting the Township office. 

Location: 1505 New London Rd., Landenberg PA 





Effective immediately LONDON BRITAIN TOWNSHIP HAS A CARRY IN, CARRY OUT POLICY for waste management at Nichol Park. This includes ANY form of trash, bottles, cans, paper, bags etc.

Trash receptacles are no longer provided at the facility. Therefore; Visitors, Spectators and all who use the facility are asked to carry-out their waste, and dispose of it in a proper manner, or recycle it when applicable.

There are numerous benefits to this policy.

-eliminates litter creating a more pleasant aesthetic

-terminates bees around trash receptacles

-less money and time spent on trash pick up


Please assist us to help keep our recreation areas clean so that all may enjoy the park. Remember to leave the park beautiful.

Eagle Scout Projects
-Exercise Stations

-Handicap picnic benches & concrete pads for the benches 
-Mason Dixon Trail thru Lot #5 and the Land Trust property
-Porta Jons Station
-Township garage area fence 
-Wildflower area

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If you are a person with a disability and wish to attend a scheduled public hearing/meeting and require an auxiliary aide service or other accommodation to participate in the proceedings please contact the Township office to discuss how the Township can best accommodate you.