2020 Local Tax Information

General Fund: 2.765
Emergency Services: 0.705
Parks & Recreation: 0.350
Open Space: 0.200
Capital Fund: 1.170


From 2019 to 2020 there is a change of 0.085 in Emergency Services is going to Fire Protection and EMS/Ambulance. The providers of these services requested the increase in funding. There is also a change of 0.405 in Capital Fund were increased to provide additional funds to equal $94.000 designated to be used for road maintenance and repairs - in consideration of the 10 year road maintenance/repair plan created in 2017.

On April 20, 2020, Governor Tom Wolf signed Act 15 of 2020 and it took effect immediately. Act 15 gives municipalities the ability to make changes to the deadlines for the collection of municipal real estate taxes.

At their April 27, 2020 public meeting, the London Britain Township Board of Supervisors unanimously agreed to consult their solicitor and tax collector to determine the best method of offering this option to residents who had not yet paid their 2020 Township taxes.
As a result, the Board is pleased to announce that we will be voting on a resolution at our May 18, 2020 meeting, which, if adopted, will permit payment of the face amount of unpaid Township real estate taxes until December 1, 2020 without payment of a penalty. After December 1, 2020 unpaid taxes will accrue penalties and interest.

During this challenging time, we hope that this action will provide some relief to residents who have yet to pay their 2020 Township taxes, allowing them to pay the Face Amount until December 1, 2020. If you have any questions, please contact Janie Schnelle, Tax Collector, at 610-274-8347 or the Township office at 610-255-0388.

London Britain Township Board of Supervisors
Aileen H. Parrish, Chair              
Glenn Frederick, Vice-Chair        
Brian Sachs,Member

2019 Tax Millage Rates


General Fund: 2.765

Emergency Services: 0.620

Parks & Recreation: 0.350

Open Space: 0.200

Capital Fund: 0.765


School Tax

Avon Grove School District

375 South Jennersville Road

West Grove, PA 19390



County Tax

Chester County


Local Tax - London Britain Township

All tax bills will be sent directly to the property owners. Any questions please contact tax collector Janie Schnelle at 610.274.8347

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