London Britain Township, Chester County Pennsylvania
On March 14, 1681 William Penn received a charter from the King of England for a grant of land to establish a colony in the New World. This colony was named Pennsylvania, or Penn's Woods. The Township of London Britain was organized in 1725 from a tract of land belonging to the London Company of Great Britain. London Britain is bordered by Maryland on the south and Delaware on the east. The Mason Dixon Line Marks the border between the Township and Maryland.

There are 9 square miles in the Township with approximately 3000 residents living in 1000 households, 35 miles of Township roads and 1250 acres in the State owned White Clay Creek Preserve. The White Clay Creek Watershed was designated as a Federal Wild and Scenic River on October 24, 2000.

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» 08/29/16 - Oil and Chip seal Notice

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